HIIT (high intensity interval training) or interval training high intensity in the world of fitness is often mentioned as the best means of rapid loss of body fat and a large shift in mental and physical abilities, both professionals and amateurs, and amateurs. Therefore, it is ideal for all ages.

HIIT is very easy to understand and describe. The concept is simple, in a typical HIIT exchanged in the short term intervals of high intensity intervals with less intense activity holidays. Intervals of high intensity go around to about 90% of maximal heart rate, and active rest intervals range up to approximately 50% of the maximum.

HIIT as opposed to the usual cardio training (eg. 45 - 60 min uniform pace on the treadmill), saving time (typically takes between 20-30 minutes, depending of training) allows long-term increase in basal metabolic rate to kontreninga.

Basic features:

It is recommended that:
exercisers who prefer to exercise in a group with music
exercisers who prefer dynamic training
It is equally good for both experienced and novice exercisers
exercisers who are overweight
exercisers who want to increase muscle tone and to regain and maintain fitness

Not recommended:
chronically ill
• People who have a problem with hypertension, asthma
heart patients

It is recommended that all trainees consult their physicians before beginning the training process.