What is the Tae-Bo?

Tae-bo (Total Awareness Excellence Body Obedience) is a highly intense exercise program with your movements and elements of martial arts. High intensity, interesting choreography and spending large amounts of calories are the main features of this program. Tae Bo is a method of exercise that teaches us how to communicate with their own body. Martial arts and boxing to develop speed, strength and balance, and dance movements provide energy and rhythm, which improves coordination. It is designed to improve health, fitness and endurance. Tae Bo also includes aerobic exercise, increases the capacity of the heart and lungs, increases flexibility, provides the power, flexibility, and thus strengthens the muscles of the body, burns calories and reduces stress.
It is recommended that:
exercisers who prefer to exercise in a group with music
exercisers who prefer dynamic training
It is equally good for both experienced and novice exercisers
exercisers who are overweight
exercisers who want to increase muscle tone and to regain and maintain fitness

Not recommended:
chronically ill
• People who have a problem with hypertension, asthma
heart patients

It is recommended that all trainees consult with their doctor before starting the training process.