Step Aerobics

What is Step Aerobics?

It appears in 1989 as a result of cooperation Gina Miller, Reebok master trainer and Reebok technology. The main characteristic of this type of aerobics is the best step-by sills that creates an interesting time appropriate to each student, regardless of age, gender and level of training. Step-bench provides unlimited possibilities to use for the creation of aerobic training, regardless of whether it is a step choreography or workout program. It is this diversity and an unlimited number of ideas in the creation step choreography have enabled this kind of aerobics retain its popularity and place in the fitness industry for over ten years. Trainees who opt for this program can certainly count on improving cardiovascular and respiratory functions of the body, reducing the body fat, improve circulation, muscle design in a harmonious whole, improving health.

It is recommended that:
exercisers who prefer to exercise in a group with music
exercisers who prefer dynamic training
It is equally good for both experienced and novice exercisers
exercisers who are overweight
exercisers who want to increase muscle tone and to regain and maintain fitness

Not recommended:
chronically ill
• People who have a problem with hypertension, asthma
heart patients

It is recommended that all trainees consult with their doctor before starting the training process.