What is Pilates?

In recent years one of the most popular forms of recreation in the world and in our country is Pilates. The reason for this is that Pilates apart from physical activity, the body gives the necessary relaxation and establishes a balance between the physical and the mental.

The creator of Pilates exercise methods is Joseph Pilates was born in 1880 near Düsseldorf, Germany. Joseph as a child was sickly and suffered from asthma, and it survived a rheumatic fever, a disease that has consequences for the whole organism, especially on motor skills. Jozef his physical limitations overcome by persistent exercise. Its special methods against muscle atrophy practiced patients bedridden.

Practicing Pilates can change your look, feel and durability of his body. He formed the body in a completely different way without aggressive and strenuous exercise, balancing all the muscle groups. It consists of a light and relaxing movements that the body indeed lead to a state of complete physical fitness.
Pilates exercises encourage flexibility and endurance as muscle and whole body, and the emphasis is thrown on the muscles of the abdomen, arms and shoulders, and back, because they are primarily for proper posture.

improves general fitness and health
develops and strengthens the heart muscle
builds elongated muscles and flexible joints
improves posture
improves the mobility of the entire body
improves the connection between the mind and body
• strengthens the joints and muscles of the whole
considered one of the safest ways to exercise
makes you feel relaxed at the same time, strong and pitch

Pilates is ideal for those who do not like to jump and run, and who want to shape and mobility of the entire body.

Basic features:

It is recommended that:
exercisers who prefer a quieter training
exercisers who have sedentary jobs
exercisers who have problems with postural status
Not recommended:
chronically ill
• People who have a problem with hypertension, asthma
heart patients

It is recommended that all trainees consult with their doctor before starting the training process